The True Meaning of “SAL” in SAL Management Group

Here it is.  The unveiling of the true meaning of SAL

Many people have asked us what does SAL mean?  Many people have tried to guess but no one has even come close.  When we meet with bankers, investors, attorneys, and other professionals we state that it means “Specializing in Assisted Living”.  However, the real story……

Scott and Nate have know each other since the early 2000’s being administrators for competing Assisted Living Communities.  They would share ideas and dreams with each other and made a pact that they would do business with each other when the timing was right.  In 2006, an opportunity come before them to buy a small assisted living community in Tremonton Utah.  Scott and Nate were great Administrators but needed help with the financing side.  Scott knew Gene from the banking world and we met together to form a partnership and figure out a way to buy the community in Tremonton.  We named it Our House Assisted Living of Tremonton in 2006.  After we formed our partnership, we needed an LLC name to grow the company.  If anyone of you have tried naming a business, then you know its not an easy task.  We were traveling around St. George looking to purchase our second assisted living community and we just couldn’t come up with a name.  Nate was in the back seat thinking hard and moving his leg back and forth.  Scott asked Gene, who was driving, what was wrong with his car.  Gene replied, “Nothing but I don’t know what is causing it to shake so bad.”  They realized that Nate was thinking really hard and moving his leg back and forth which caused the car to move.  We all laughed and then Nate said, “Hey, why don’t we name the company SAL or Shake a Leg.”  We all laughed and never took it serious, but we kept asking “What if?”

So yes.  SAL Management Group stands for Shake a Leg Management Group.  The idea with using Shake a Leg, is that its totally different and unique, fun and memorable and fits right in to our SAL “WOW” Culture.  It also means, don’t be idle, get up and serve someone, make a difference, and be a super caregiver.  Notice the letter “A” in the logo.  Its a pair of legs

That’s our story and the meaning of SAL.

Nate Boswell
Scott Monson
Gene Spaulding